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Turk Goes to the Movies: Asian4you

The "open mike" treatment is also given to the Masturbation movies. Cho Hye Eun, Kaila Wang, Nancy Ho, to name only a few, allow us a visit as they get out their favorite toys...well, if the toys weren't favorites before they did the vids, I'm sure they are now:>) It's extremely difficult even to begin to suspect that any of these Ladies are "faking it", when you can plainly see...and wet they're getting as they go at it.

Ah, the Lapdance very favorite niche, so hard to find in the Asian adult entertainment world. The title "Lapdance" might be a bit misleading, if you're expecting to see them grinding themselves into some guy's lap. How about a hot dance number, just for you, done to a bouncy musical soundtrack, all around the living room, or stage set, or even in the shower, as what little costume the Lady has on is gracefully removed? One notable exception to this last: in Nancy Ho's smokin' hot shower dance video, there isn't any costume, right from the start. There are currently a dozen of these gems; maybe one of your favorites is included in this stellar lineup:
Kaila Wang, Diana Shui, Sofiana, Cherry Chen, Nancy Ho (she did 2), Cho Hye Eun, Sunny Lee, So Jin Yong, Kathy Liu, Jang Siw Weon, and a young lady known only as "Asian Amateur", and who is easily lovely enough to be a regular model, as I hope she will turn out to be.
  Cho Hye Eun  

There are 2 other categories starring the regular models, in which there is a delightful mixture of themes, the "Private", and "Behind The Scene" videos. In these categories you can find some footage taken during photoshoots that probably knocked your socks off. Now you get to see what happened between the clicks of the shutter; there are also shower, bath, kitchen fun (wear that whipped cream!), the occasional masturbation adventure, and more. If you like happy surprises, these are the sections for you; together, they are a grab-bag with nothing but good stuff in it.

After you've been a Member @ Asian4You for 2 months, you get access to their Premium Area. I'll leave it up to The Ole Guy to rave about the photo sets, which are considerably raveable; there are currently 6 movies there. Anna Song appears in a photoshoot video (have you seen the "White Curtain" set?), Kaila Wang shaves (and I don't mean her legs!), and finally, Kaila, Kathy Liu, Emma Chow, and Mitra...pissing! This makes a pretty nice bonus for doing what you'd probably be doing anyhow, hanging around & coming back for more.

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