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Irene Fah's Jiggle Dance

"Aha! Naughty're surfing for Asian boob pictures, aren't you? Well, you found them!"

The 1st image in this gallery will let you see what Asian4you.Com's Members get in their photo sets; the video captures will show you why A4U is setting the standard for movies of this type.

Good News! Movies starring the Asian4You.Com Models are now encoded using a larger frame size & faster bitrate. On Full Screen, the movies will now look & run even better than they did before!

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Asian4You Lives On At The Black Alley!

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Let this beautiful Asian Hottie get naked and bounce her boobs for you!

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All vidcaps done @ Turkstudios, a member of the Asian Eros Network, with permission from Asian4You.Com © 2004.